The Rockin' SEO Story

Rockin' SEO

Rockin' SEO is brought to you by the creators of ReviewMyWeb and ValueMyWeb. We are a team of Web developers who have a passion for building and sharing widgets with the rest of the Web community. Like many Web developers and

SEO marketers

, we have often been frustrated with how time consuming the

SEO process

can be. To overcome the burden of many manual SEO processes while we built and SEO optimized our own web sites, we began developing our own

SEO tools

. The ones we found useful, we shared with our friends. Over time, we had friends of friends asking us for our tools. That's when we decided why not make our

SEO tools FREE

for everyone on the Web to use! Rockin' SEO Keyword Rank Tracking will be the first of other SEO products delivered by the Rockin' SEO Team. Stay tuned for additional SEO products from the Rockin' SEO team!

Rockin' SEO Keyword Tracker


Keyword Rank Tracking tool

helps you monitor and stay up-to-date on your organic keyword rankings across Google, Yahoo! and Bing. We allow you to enter your own keywords and we will track you and your competitors' organic keyword rank positions. Our

Keyword Tracking tool

is free, easy to use, and doesn't require any software download or installation. Simply sign up, enter your keywords and start monitoring your keywords.


ReviewMyWeb is a free competitive

website grader

service designed to help online marketers better understand how well their website is performing against their competition. Our proprietary formula for rating website competitiveness provides marketers with deep insight into how their website performs across different online marketing channels from SEO to social media. Marketers use our service to track, benchmark and improve their web site's visitor traffic, search relevancy and overall site popularity relative to the competition.


ValueMyWeb is a fun and free service designed to give website owners and marketers a unique look into

how much their website is worth

. We do NOT try to put a definitive estimate of your website's market value as you understand your business better than we do. Rather, we are presenting a couple innovative approaches to quantifying website value, namely looking at how much your website is worth based on the value of your organic keywords, social media and general site metrics.
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